Award winning fuel economy remaps

Our Viezu fuel economy remaps have been independently tested at Millbrook proving ground. Whilst other tuners may talk the talk, Viezu is used by the largest and leading fleet companies in Europe every day. The portfolio of customers is pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves, and includes customers like British Telecom, HomeServe, Thames Water and many other household names. We are chosen by the biggest and best more often than any other tuner in the world..

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Ten good reasons to Blueoptimise your vehicle

1. Up to 20% savings on cost of fuel – case studies available
2. Up to 20% reduction on emissions – testing results available
3. Zero proven impact on warranty or residual value – 150,000+ vehicles tuned
4. No mechanical modifications
5. Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation in about 1 hour
6. One-off installation fee
7. Possible return on investment within 6 months or less
8. No on-going maintenance fees
9. Reset vehicle to standard at any time
10. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving.

Improved MPG and driveability

>> Up to 20% improved fuel economy
>> Reduced emissions (subject to vehicle type)
>> Enhanced sharper throttle response
>> Smoother more progressive power delivery
>> Power and torque improvements.
All our services come with an insurance backed guarantee. We provide mobile engine remaps throughout  Kidderminster, Stourport as well as  Bromsgrove,  and the surrounding area.

Award winning fuel economy remapping

Viezu’s BlueOptmize fuel economy car tuning has been internationally recognised as world class leading technology and has won Viezu a number of very prestigious awards. These include the UK Chamber of Commerce ‘Innovation In Technology’ award for 2011, FleetNews ‘Cost Saving Initiative of the Year 2013’ for our fuel economy tuning and van fuel economy services provided to British Telecom, as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and innovation.

Best of both worlds with ECU remapping

Do you want a vehicle that packs some punch but still manages to be easy on the pocket? We offer customised remaps that’ll give you the best of both worlds, which means a blend between our fuel economy remao and our performance remap, giving greater fuel economy and substantial power.

Alternatively, why not have both?  With our V-Switch system you can have a fuel economy map AND a performance map AND factory settings and switch between them– whenever you want.  Find more details here.


Drop us a line and we’ll come down to wherever your vehicle is to carry out the work. You won’t regret it.

What our clients have to say

Nissan X-Trail

"Hi Jeremy, just thought I would write to say how pleased we are with the remap of our x-trail. We had the remap done for better performance when towing and it’s done the job brilliantly. Towed the caravan today and on the hills, where earlier we would have had to change down gears to get enough power to climb up. It sailed up in 6th and still wanted to accelerate. Also, we noticed a difference in economy. Before the remap, the miles to empty would drop dramatically but we gained some miles today. There is also a noticeable difference without the van on the back. Thanks for a great job and will be recommending you to others." - Beckie, Willenhall

Mini Cooper S

"Thanks for sorting the mini out for me. Highly recommend Kidderminster Engine Remapping to anyone. Great service, especially coming out to my house. Much better for me. Thanks again." - Darren, Birmingham

Mercedes 5 tonne Sprinter

"This remap has made such a difference! Brilliant service. Very smooth and feels like I'm driving an empty van. Superb result!" - Andy, Enfleet

Jaguar XF-R

"Many thanks for your work on Friday. I am delighted to say that power delivery is smoother and engine note on acceleration has a nicer "growl" to it. In addition, on the cruise home, I set the cruise control to the same speed that I came up at and got just under 2 mpg more! I will sing your praises to others." - Martin, Cardiff

Range Rover Evoque

"The remap carried out via Halesowen Engine Remap has totally transformed my Range Rover Evoque Si4 Dynamic Lux. When I first purchased the car, it had good power, but I always felt I could do with more. But wow! What a difference you have made to my car. It now accelerates like a scolded cat. It is brilliant around town, fantastic on country lanes and fabulous on the motorway. It is also more relaxed due to the added power. Unquestionably a great investment. You have made an excellent car into a truly fabulous car. Can't quite believe it. Many thanks." - Nick, Staffordshire

Subaru STI

"Had my Subaru done on Friday. Great result, good job. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks." - John, Kidderminster

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