Engine performance tuning

Performance tuning is not just about loads of power. We can give you any of the following benefits, tailored to your requirements:

Greater torque for towing caravans, trailers or heavy loads

A more enjoyable drive with less gear changing

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Increased torque and power

The team of engineers at Kidderminster Engine Remapping can write and develop maps to release the full potential of your vehicle. Whether you want improved torque for your caravan or high power for your diesel car, we will work to fulfil all your requirements. We are approved dealers for Viezu Technologies, so you can be sure our modifications are reliable and safe – the very best available. Contact us with your requirements.

Benefits of performance tuning

  • Greater torque for towing caravans and trailers
  • Smoother driving
  • Sharp throttle response
  • Greater engine flexibility

Our team can make sure your vehicle performs better and has an improved fuel economy. We offer our mobile diesel engine tuning and petrol engine tuning services in Kidderminster, Stourport, Wolverly, Blakedown,Cookley, Chaddersley Corbet, Hartlebury, Bromsgrove, Hartlebury, Dunley, Bewdley, Wyre Forest and surrounding areas.

What our clients have to say

Nissan X-Trail

"Hi Jeremy, just thought I would write to say how pleased we are with the remap of our x-trail. We had the remap done for better performance when towing and it’s done the job brilliantly. Towed the caravan today and on the hills, where earlier we would have had to change down gears to get enough power to climb up. It sailed up in 6th and still wanted to accelerate. Also, we noticed a difference in economy. Before the remap, the miles to empty would drop dramatically but we gained some miles today. There is also a noticeable difference without the van on the back. Thanks for a great job and will be recommending you to others." - Beckie, Willenhall

Mini Cooper S

"Thanks for sorting the mini out for me. Highly recommend Kidderminster Engine Remapping to anyone. Great service, especially coming out to my house. Much better for me. Thanks again." - Darren, Birmingham

Mercedes 5 tonne Sprinter

"This remap has made such a difference! Brilliant service. Very smooth and feels like I'm driving an empty van. Superb result!" - Andy, Enfleet

Jaguar XF-R

"Many thanks for your work on Friday. I am delighted to say that power delivery is smoother and engine note on acceleration has a nicer "growl" to it. In addition, on the cruise home, I set the cruise control to the same speed that I came up at and got just under 2 mpg more! I will sing your praises to others." - Martin, Cardiff

Range Rover Evoque

"The remap carried out via Halesowen Engine Remap has totally transformed my Range Rover Evoque Si4 Dynamic Lux. When I first purchased the car, it had good power, but I always felt I could do with more. But wow! What a difference you have made to my car. It now accelerates like a scolded cat. It is brilliant around town, fantastic on country lanes and fabulous on the motorway. It is also more relaxed due to the added power. Unquestionably a great investment. You have made an excellent car into a truly fabulous car. Can't quite believe it. Many thanks." - Nick, Staffordshire

Subaru STI

"Had my Subaru done on Friday. Great result, good job. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks." - John, Kidderminster

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